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We carry a wide range of Persian, Turkish, Arabic and American grocery products. Most of our grocery stuff are very rare to find and reasonably priced considering the quality of them. It is hard to find our products on the shelves of regular grocery chain stores. If you are planning to make an ethnic dish or you want to switch to a healthy and delicious middle eastern food program our store is your one stop shop. Please take a look at some of the samples of our grocery line and stop by and visit us and find out more stuff in store. We can ship non-perishable products to anywhere in USA using UPS services, just call us to arrange a shipment after you choose what you want from the categories below. There is no extra charge other than what UPS charges for the method of your choice and no minimum purchase is necessary.



Tea & Coffee Herbs & Spices Canned Vegetables Beans & Grains


Jams & Syrups

Pickles & Olives

Dolma, Grape Leaves Pastes Salt, Sugar, Flour Dairy Persian Foods Beverage

Dried Fruits & Nuts


Pasta & Noodles

Tuna, Canned Meat

















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